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Dylon Wash & Dye Information

Dyeing Information
  • - Only dye up to 1kg fabric and always use whole pack, no more, no less.
  • - Dyeing may not cover stains, faded areas or bleach marks.
  • - After dyeing, wash separately for first few washes to remove any excess dye.
  • - Should any dye be left in machine, add cup of household bleach to drum, add usual detergent & run machine empty on 40°C cycle.
  • - Remember polyester stitching will not dye.

Colour Shade
The shade will depend on 3 things:

1. Fabric Type:
a. Cotton, linen, viscose, will dye to the full shade.
b. Polyester/cotton & polyester/viscose mixes, will dye to lighter shades.
c. Wool, silk, polyester, acrylic, nylon & fabrics with special finishes, e.g. ‘dry-clean only’, cannot be dyed with Dylon Wash & Dye.

2. Fabric Amount:
a. Up to 500g fabric (e.g. 1 pair jeans) will dye to the full shade.
b. A maximum of 1kg can be dyed, to lighter shades.

3. Fabric Colour:
a. Colour mixing rules apply, e.g. black dye on red fabric gives burgundy.
b. Patterned fabric will often still show through.

1. Wearing rubber gloves, empty Wash & Dye powder into washing machine drum & add dry fabric.
2. Immediately run 40°C cotton cycle without pre-wash or economy setting.
3. Add normal washing detergent and run 40°C cotton cycle to remove excess dye from fabric and to clean the machine to clean the machine.
4. Dry fabric as normal, away from direct sunlight & heat.