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Dylon Renovator Black Information

Dyeing Information
  • - Suitable Fabrics: on cotton, linen and viscose fabrics. Mixes of these fabrics with synthetics such as polyester, Nylon or acrylic may still pick up the dye however the higher the percentage of synthetics the less colour will be picked up.
  • - If your fabrics are really faded then add 250g of kitchen salt to the drum of the machine along with the sachets of Dylon Renovator Black.
  • - Dylon Renovator Black may not cover stains or bleach marks.
  • - Wipe the washing machine drum with a damp cloth afterwards to make sure that there is no trace of dye remaining in the machine.

Please read the full instructions to ensure you get the best results. Use 1 sachet to treat up to 300g of fabric such as a t-shirt or shirt. For larger items and up to 600g of fabric use 2 sachets.
1. Place the unopened sachet into the drum of the washing machine.
2. Next, add the fabrics you want to renovate.
3. Add your usual washing detergent and select a 40ºC cotton programme. If the care label in your fabric recommends 30ºC the select a 30ºC cotton wash. Delicate cycles can be used but only with the maximum water level. Don’t select a pre-wash or short cycle. Start the cycle immediately.
4. Once the cycle has finished remove the empty sachet and dry your items as usual.