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Shop Dylon Suede and Nubuck Shoe Dye
Shop Dylon Suede and Nubuck Shoe Dye

Dylon Suede & Nubuck Dye Information

Dyeing Information
  • - Dylon Suede & Nubuck Shoe Dye will change or restore the colour of your suede and nubuck shoes or boots.
  • - Dylon Suede & Nubuck Shoe Dye is a dye, so the original colour of the shoe will affect the final result. Dark shoes cannot be dyed to a lighter colour.
  • - One pack will dye one pair of average size shoes or small boots.
  • - Please Note: For suede and nubuck shoes and boots only.

1. Clean item to be dyed with a suede brush.
2. Tightly pack shoes with newspaper.
3. Wearing rubber gloves, shake the bottle and pour dye into an old saucer or suitable container. (Please note: the dye will stain).
4. Apply one coat of dye liberally with the brush, working colour in well. Only one coat is required.
5. Leave shoes to dry naturally overnight.
6. When dry, brush up nap using a suede brush.